Our Platform

The DRIVE® Platform

Our exclusive DRIVE® platform is a single-source application that can be tailored to meet your specific risk concerns and help streamline your workflow process. DRIVE compares information across multiple data sources to alert you when variances or risk may occur in the loan file.

DRIVE features a complete audit trail to track changes within the platform by date and time the adjustment was made, and by whom.


Workflow Solutions

From loan origination to closing, DataVerify helps lenders streamline the entire process. By automating many of the traditional manual processes, DataVerify helps lenders close loans faster and more efficiently. Many processes can be configured to occur automatically once specific criteria in a loan has been met. 

The DataVerify Difference

Platform Customizations

DRIVE Data Options

Transmission of Data


DRIVE Platform

Let DRIVE Verify Your Borrower's Loan Application

Our fully automated platform enables you to complete an application analysis by verifying:

  • Borrower and participant identity
  • Borrower supplied 1003 application information
  • Employment and Income
  • Property valuation and market risk
  • Collateral
  • Changes in the borrower’s assets and liabilities throughout the origination process

DRIVE integrates with many of the top industry LOS providers with options for customization within the LOS platform.